Always the thought

 i know this poem is unsually longer then the ones i write but it a style i devloped. i would anagram the persons name and write for each letter a short and idealic saying.

Always the thought

Roveing the heart for

Engerndering peace's

Leting go the pain

Laments of love and hope

And ever more

Grace of geace

Reminds me

A woman ,the mother of peace

Yes and of mercy Mild

So free and loving wild

Of a mothers peace

Never a cold hand

what sorrow


what sorrow
the sheep under the moon
what care do they have for the clouds that cry
the candy coated lullubys,
silently the ckouds cast this cry
with madness like 12 bowls of spiced Cider
with hate envourged by the moon
to thrist for more then Bowls of bread.
what sorrow
as we humans to call home
where Mice and Men
of women and puring lions
where llittle love, like the viloiine
plays its sad turn
for the clouds who cry

Ergo the day

hark the day that brings
such sweet and spicy dreams
to wake up like a dog in heat
to lust with 12 kisses 
the bottom of a coffie Mug